Best Massage Chair Reviews 2018- Complete Buyer’s Guide


Have you ever thought of the best massage chair you can buy?  You may be into getting a relaxing massage without always having to visit a spa.  A massage chair provides this, in the comfort of your own home, and as often as you need it.

Modern day life can be rushed, demanding, and stressful.  You may always be on the go, and never have time to visit a spa for some relaxation and stress relief.  When you have a massage chair, you can get a custom massage even every day as you will do it conveniently whenever you have time to relax in your home.

But a massage chair may not be for everyone. Some sell at a relatively high price which some people may not be able or willing to pay for.  But there are different price ranges for these chairs.  If you look around, you may just get one that is within your budget.

You may want to buy a massage chair but probably you are not very informed on the best massage chair to buyYou are wondering where to begin your search for one.  We have included all the information you will need to aid your search.

  • New Full Body Shiatsu EC-69
  • Airbags:69
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Massage Programs: 6
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Full Body Massage
  • Best Recommended
  • Inada Sogno Dreamwave
  • Mod et verteren usu.
  • Airbags:100
  • Massage Programs:8
  • Weight:265 lbs
  • Warranty:3 Years
  • Full Body Massage
  • Highly Recommended
  • Osaki OS-4000A
  • Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Airbags:32
  • Massage Programs:6
  • Weight:215 lbs
  • Warranty:3 Years
  • Full Body Massage
  • Authentic Beautyhealth Massage Chair
  • Mod et verteren usu.
  • Airbags:69
  • Massage Programs:6
  • Weight:300 lbs
  • Warranty:5 Years
  • Full Body Massage
  • iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair
  • Airbags:
  • Massage Programs:3
  • Weight:88 lbs
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Back,neck and shoulders Massage

Top 10 Massage Chair Reviews

  1. OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair – Cream Color Upholster  

Best massage chair

This chair comes with the latest technology.  It has rollers that are enabled to map the back accurately for a more precise massage.  It is a very comfortable chair with added features such as Zero G recline which greatly enhances comfort.

This is the best massage chair for you if you want a good massage on key body parts especially your back.  It reclines to the maximum and provides a nice hard massage.  It relaxes to deep sleep.

It is a very good quality chair with a compact design and parts that fit well.


  • It comes with a full size easy to use large LCD display remote control so that you can easily select the type of massage you want, the intensity, speed, and location.
  • It also features a wireless remote control so you do not have to struggle to reach the main remote from a reclined position.
  • It has an auto leg scan. The calf and foot massager makes adjustments according to the size and length of your leg.
  • It has 2 stage zero gravity positioning feature which allows your back and thighs to be aligned relative to each other in an optimal position, maximizing comfort. It is inspired by NASA.
  • It has six exclusive pre-set programs.
  • It has airbag massage technology.
  • It is ergonomically designed to contour any spine shape.
  • It has a computerized body scan system.
  • It has an upgraded PU covering for increased durability and enhanced comfort.
  • It has auto timer settings with the option to select the duration of a massage, from 5-30 minutes.
  • It features 5 levels of intensity and speed for the massage, lower back heat therapy and seat vibration.


This top quality chair is ideal for anyone interested in an invigorating, all over body massage.  It comes with a three year warranty that covers all parts and labor.  Get yourself this top of the range massage chair.


2. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, Dark Brown

Best Massage chairThis is by far the best massage chair you can get.  It combines comfort and luxury and provides a massage session so relaxing, you might never think of any other massage chair.  It is a product of years of testing, research and unflinching attention to details.  It is put together by some of the most experienced experts in massage chair making.

Its name sogna means dream in Italian.  It is made in Japan.


  • The massage chair cradles your whole body in soothing relief and shiatsu therapy. It’s the massage chair that offers the broadest massage coverage area in the world.
  • Its technology, inada dream wave is proprietary and mimics how a therapist balances the body during a Shiatsu massage session.
  • It has an excellent stretch function. The function is also complete and proprietary. It stretches, flexes and gently rotates the hips, shoulders, and mid-back.
  • It has eight pre-set massage sequences perfected by inada.
  • It has a youth session that’s proprietary as well, specifically designed for younger users who are 14+ years. The youth session can be used by people of all ages, however.


This elegant chair has over 70% of online reviewers giving it 5 stars reviews.  It is easy to set up and install.  You can get the chair in pure leather if you so desire.  Get this chair for yourself for a fulfilling and satisfying massage.

Best Massage Chair


3. New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

Best Massage chairs

For its low cost, this is probably the best massage chair you can get.  You are likely to be surprised at the excellent functioning of this chair when you consider its price.  The chair is sleek and attractive, made of soft and supple materials.


·         It has power rollers which relax muscle thus reducing stress and fatigue.  These power rollers have a shiatsu effect which rejuvenates the mind and body.

·         It has chop, flapping and tapping action.  This reduces aches and soreness faster.  It softens thick deposits of fat and relaxes stiff muscles.  It stimulates nerves and stressed muscles.

·         It has a percussion and compression action.  This action helps improve mobility, flexibility and posture of the legs.

·         It has a kneading action which reduces pain in the muscles and works out knots.

·         It has a rolling feature where there is an up and down movement for effective and direct massage experience.


This is a great entry level chair.  It has excellent custom options.  It is a real bargain.  Get one today and enjoy great massages at your convenience.

Best Massage Chair


4. Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair

Best Massage ChairThis massage chair comes from a manufacturer who is an expert and specializes in massage products. The steel and body frame comes with a ten year warranty while electronic parts are covered for 5 years.  Also when you receive this chair, you have ten days to send it back if you do not like it, and receive your money back.  You will only get charged 20% restocking fee.  It must be the best massage chair you could get yourself when you consider the excellent return policy.  It seems likely that the manufacturer by giving such a long warranty and convenient return policy must be confident of the product they are selling.


·         It provides up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted massage.  You get an all over body massage, or as you choose.

·         It has six great auto programs to choose from for your enjoyment.

·         It has four muted, wheels-driven massage hands that are movable.  You can adjust the massager’s vertical position at any point from your lower back to your neck.

·         You get a personalized massage because the chair will start with a 3D full back scan and will also adjust to your back.

·         It comes with built-in heat for the back and also has a jade massager so that you can apply heat therapy to your entire body.

·         You can adjust the rollers at any point and can also adjust the type of massage you get.  It comes with 24 types of massage such as flapping, massaging, shiatsu, kneading, and rolling.  You can also adjust the width, speed, vibrators and intensity of air massage.

·         It has 12 air bags in the calves’ area which provide 4 different air massage combinations.

·         It also has 14 air bags for the foot area.

·         Calf and foot massagers have ten sets of kneading balls.  These provide a deeper massage.

·         It has an excellent arm massager with up to four intensities to choose from.

·         A notable feature of this chair is that the seller is excellent to deal with.  The seller will call you on the day your chair arrives at your home.


If you have sore muscles, back pain, or tired legs, you will do well to invest in a chair like this one.  It is very good quality for its price and you won’t regret getting it.  Hurry up and get one.

Best Massage Chair


  1. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair 

Best Massage ChairThis robotic chair is very comfortable.  It is made with due consideration of your home and will fit your décor perfectly.  It has a human massage system that is patented.  It works to ease away pain, soreness and stress.


·         It has 3 auto massage programs.  They work to ease pain, stress and induce relaxation.

·         It has a recline option so that you can choose your angle for maximum enjoyment.

·         It has a built-in control panel, very easy to use manual massage techniques, and one touch programs.

·         It is compact and fits small spaces.

·         It has a cup holder and a power outlet.

·         It was voted 2013 consumer digest best buy.  Considering such a nomination, this is the best massage chair you can buy.


This chair is relatively light and easy to move around.  It is rich in desirable features and makes just the perfect gift for your massage loving loved ones.  Get one for an invigorating massage.

Best Massage Chair


6.Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner 

Best Massage chairs

This chair is updated in terms of design, features and functions.  It gives shiatsu results with its new features.  The chair has great style and excellent construction.


·         It has power rollers for muscle relaxation, fatigue reduction and overall body rejuvenation.

·         It has percussion and compression, which improves the posture, mobility and flexibility of the legs.

·         It has recovery, extend, relax and refresh programs.  It has more than 30 air bags and an intelligent built-in heat roller system.

·         It conforms to the shape of your back.

·         It has an added neck massage feature.  It targets stress relieving points on your neck.

·         It comes with a one year warranty.


Almost 70% of reviewers online give this chair a 5-stars review.  It is relatively cheap, which makes it the best massage chair you can probably get at the purchase price.

Best Massage Chair


7.Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair, Chocolate Brown

Best Massage ChairThis chair gives you the most advanced 3D robotic massage you can get.  It has crisp and crystal clear MP3 music for an uplifting massage.  It is laden with features and is truly a gift even at its price.  It is a high end chair that is worth every cent you spend on it.


  • This is chair is researched, assembled and developed in the USA.
  • It is the only chair that is FDA and UL listed for safety and use.
  • It has memory settings for up to 5 different users so that family members can use it as well and store information.
  • It has a hand held remote control that is the most up to date technically that you will find with chairs.
  • It has 5 different levels of multi-sectional controls for intensity.


This is the best massage chair you can purchase anywhere.  It gets 100% 5 stars reviews from buyers online.  Go out there and get yourself one.


8.Panasonic EP1285KL Leather “Urban” Massage Chair with Chiro Mode

This excellent chair from Panasonic is designed to help you experience therapeutic muscle relaxation and improved circulation for better health.  It gives a massage so good that you will feel like you have your own massage therapist at home.


  • It is made with high quality leather upholstery. This is really the best massage chair you can get if aesthetics matter to you.
  • It has a massage technology that is advanced and quad-style.
  • It has air ottoman system and auto recline.
  • It has Swedish, chiro mode, quick, and shiatsu pre-set programs.
  • It comes with a very easy to use remote control.
  • The manual massage operations are eight.
  • Its accents are striking brushed aluminum, and the finishing is detailed and stitched.


This luxurious high quality leather chair is just ideal for your home.  Get one right away for an invigorating massage.


9. BHealth Premium Massage Chair w/body scan

Best Massage cahirsThis elegant chair comes with ample manufacturer confidence with a 10 year warranty on body and frame and 5 years on electrical parts.  This is truly the best massage chair as warranties don’t come this good.


  • This chair offers the best shiatsu massage you can get. Its massage hands have real humanized mechanism.
  • It has 6 massage functions.
  • The arm massagers move all the way back along the chair. As you recline, there will be no need to move the arm massagers manually to bring them close to your arms.
  • The jade heat massager heats through five bulbs which contain helium-neon. For great heat therapy, the temperature is adjustable.
  • This chair comes with an improved positioning system with six adjusting buttons.


Get yourself this excellent chair that is quite a bargain considering it is features rich.  You will love reclining on it.



10.Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01

Best Massage ChairThis top quality chair delivers whole body massage for an invigorating feeling.  It is fully automatic.  This is the best massage chair, if you are looking for one that will do a full body scan and align to the shape of your back.


  • It has vibration motors that are high power and also air pressure massage for the buttocks
  • The calves are massaged with air bags
  • The air bags to massage the thighs are double layered.
  • The chair has air squeeze for arms massage.
  • It comes with a one year limited warranty on all parts.


This chair is ideal for someone looking for a relaxing massage after a difficult day at work.  Get one for yourself or your loved one.



Top 5 Massage Chairs Under $500

Have you ever wondered what are the best massage chairs going for less than $500?  Most massage chairs go for anything from $2000.  You might feel that what you will get for less than $500 might compromise functionality too much.

You might not need to worry about too little functionality even if you want to spend less than $500 on a chair.  You might be surprised that there are massage chairs that retail for less than $500 and yet have so much functionality.  You can still get a lot of satisfaction from such a chair.

Do not expect features such as zero gravity if your budget is below $500.  The materials used to make such a chair may not be as expensive as the materials that make higher end chairs, as well.  But even though such chairs will not have the majority of the features high end ones have, you will still get a good massage from these cheaper versions.

Here is our review of 5 of the best massage chairs under $500.

1. Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base

Best Massage Under $500This is a massage chair that can be placed at your office or at home.  It is excellent as an office chair and has an excellent recline function.  It is one of the best massage chairs you can get that fits well in your office.  It offers maximum massage power to knead your back, lumbar area, legs and thighs.  It has five pre-programmed settings and lets you choose the intensity you want to match your needs.  It has the following amazing features.

Product Features

  • It has a massaging recliner with ottoman.
  • It has massage controls on the ottoman and recliner.
  • It has side pockets to suit your fancy.
  • It is designed for comfort.
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions for assembly.


This massage chair is just perfect if you are looking for something to relax on.  Its vibrating feature make it a must have for someone who does not intend to spend so much on a chair.  Get yourself one for an unforgettable experience.


2. Kings Brand Cream White Massage Recliner Swivel Chair & Ottoman With Heat

Best Massage chair under $500This is a very comfortable massage chair that is most suited for small people.  It sits low on the ground.  It is very comfortable and one of the best massage chairs you can get for less than $500.

Product Features

  • It is a Kings Brand chair and comes with heat.
  • It comes with a stool.
  • It has an ottoman and massage recliner swivel.
  • It is an excellent relax chair with 8-way heat and massage function.
  • It comes with easy to follow assembly instructions.
  • The seat has a height of 17.5 inches and a width of 21 inches. The depth of the seat is 20.75 inches.
  • The chair has a height of 41 inches, a diameter of 30 inches and 31.25 inches width.


This massage chair is aesthetically pleasing and is very affordable.  If you do not want to spend so much on a chair for relaxation, this is what you should go for.  Get one.


3.Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair 

Best Massage chair under $500This chair fits perfectly in the home, office or sun room.  It has 9 excellent pre-programmed massage modes.  You can choose between 5 intensity levels to suit your specific interests.  It has a heating option to warm the lumbar area, and improve circulation, banishing stress away.

Product Features

·         It has 8 vibration massage motors that work on and relax the calves, thighs, upper and mid back.

·         The comfortsoft upholstery used on this chair looks and feels like real leather.

·         You can choose your own independent massage zones or you can use one of the preset massages and choose your desired intensity.

·         It has heat for the lumbar region that is soothing and relaxing.

·         It has recline tension adjustment, recline and swivel features.

·         It is a great chair for a medium sized person- 5 feet, 10 inches or less.

·         The massage chair has sitting area of 21 inches by 22.5 inches.  The backrest is 27.5 inches tall and 22 inches wide.

·         The steel frame is rolled and tubular for increased stability.

·         It can support up to 300 pounds.

·         It is a very comfortable massage chair with foam padded armrests.

·         It has very durable construction.

·         It has included with this massage chair, an ottoman with a vibration massage feature.

·         It comes with a remote control.


For its price, this chair is a must have.  It is aesthetically pleasing and one of the best massage chairs for less than $500.  Get yourself one of this for a relaxing soothing experience.



4. Comfort Products 60-0582 Leisure Recliner Chair with 10-Motor Massage & Heat, Black

best massage chair under $500

This Comforts Products is developed, manufactured and marketed to improve the lives of consumers.  Among others, Comforts Products focuses on wellness products and has been in the industry since 1919.  The long experience they have in wellness products explains the excellent quality of this chair.  It is one of the best massage chairs you can get for its price.  Here are its outstanding features.

Product Features

·         It is a recliner that also has heat in the lumbar region and massage to induce relaxation.

·         It has a relaxing action that helps induce stress reducing comfort and soothing sore muscles on thighs and back.

·         It comes equipped with ten powerful motors.

·         It comes with 3.25 inch thick foam cushion on the seat that is covered with faux leather.

·         The chair comes with ottoman and a hand controller that lets you choose from three different modes and three intensity levels.  The hand controller has its own convenient pouch.

·         It comes with a padded head rest and arm rest and a metal base.

·         The chair has lock, swivel and massage functions.

·         The seat has a width of 22 inches and a diameter of 20 inches.  The back has a width of 22 inches and a height of 28.25 inches.

·         It is durable and lightweight for easy carrying when necessary.


This chair swivels very well and is ideal for you if you want a relaxing simple massage seat.  For the price, you couldn’t do better.



5. Relaxzen 60-078011 Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

best massage chair under $500This chair will let you enjoy a soothing massage right in your home.   It is constructed by Comfort Products that specialize on wellness products.  The seat will help you de-stress and make your life happier.  It is just ideal for your theatre room, the sun room or office.  Here are its key features.

Product Features

·         The chair has eight vibration massage motors.  These motors work on the thighs, calves, mid and upper back.

·         It has heat treatment for the lumbar areas.

·         You can decide on your own massage zones or choose from 9 pre-programmed modes.  Each of these modes has 5 intensity levels.

·         It has a wood base for maximum comfort and chocolate brown, luxurious thick padded micro suede upholstery.  It is aesthetically pleasing.

·         Sitting area is 21X22 inches while the backrest is 23 inches wide and 29 inches tall.

·         It has recline tension adjustment, recline and swivel features.

·         It can support up to 300 pounds.

·         It comes with a massaging ottoman, to ensure you receive relaxation from head to toe.

·         It comes with easy to follow assembly instructions.


With the features on this chair, you will never want to get up from it.  It is extremely comfortable.  It is one of the best massage chairs you will find anywhere for its features and price range.  Find out for yourself how addicting it is by getting one.



As you have seen from our reviews above, you can get a wonderful massage chair that is aesthetically pleasing and functional for less than $500.  Many actually sell for well below half of $500.  If you want a massage chair and are not interested in spending too much, look at our reviews above and decide on a chair suitable for you.

Most of these chairs at this price usually do not have features like airbags.  Neither will you find them with built-in ability to offer massage styles like shiatsu or Swedish.  These lower cost chairs primarily offer their massage through the vibration function.

For someone who wants a thorough massage that simulates the one you get from a human, you will have to get a much costlier chair.  For these cheaper chairs, you can get heat especially in your lumbar region and a simple massage.  You will love these chairs because of how relaxing they are.

As well, unlike costlier massage chairs, the lower cost chairs can fit in your office, or in many rooms at your home.  You can use it as an office chair and turn on the massage function at your pleasure.  You can’t use the costlier chairs for the office because they are usually bulkier and suited for home.

How Massage Chairs Work

Getting a massage twice every week has been shown to significantly reduce stress in the body and to result in a lowered blood pressure.  As well, getting a weekly massage reduces or alleviates lower back pain.  Considering such benefits of a rub down, it seems like something many people should go for often.

But what do you do if you have time and budgetary constraints, but wish to reap the obvious health benefits of a regular massage?  The solution would be to get a massage chair.  With a chair at your home, you will get a massage any time when you need one without having to pay for it.

Massage chairs are considered luxury items in the US.  However, they have gained popularity in the recent years and are now found in homes around the US and not just in Spas.  But, you might be asking yourself if a chair can give a massage as good as the one you can get at a massage parlor.

The simple answer to this question is that massage chairs work well and are worth the investment you make on them.  Each company makes their massage chairs differently so some will work better than others.  A nice modern chair is designed to mimic the techniques of a massage therapist, so you will not need to visit a spa anymore if you get one.

Functioning of a Massage Chair

A massage chair should provide you with the kind of service you get from a massage therapist.  You sit on the chair and turn on the massage function to get your rub down.  For the chair to be able to provide the massage, it uses gears, motors, vibrating mechanisms, air bags, rollers, wheels and heating systems.

Vibration is at the core of any massage chair.  Low cost chairs rely on vibration mechanism solely as it is the simplest mechanism used to provide a massage.  A wheel well placed inside the chair is set in motion by a series of motors and as it rotates, gaining speed and intensity, it causes vibrations inside the body of the person receiving the massage.

Early Chairs

Massage Chairs have come a long way.  The cheapest chair in the market today is still a great improvement on the earlier ones produced 80 years ago.  These early chairs had no electrical components and had metal bars delivering the vibrations.  On these chairs from back then, a wheel of uneven weight would spin when the motors were turned on, shaking the metal plates and giving the person on the seat a sensation of vibrations.

Massage chairs have changed a lot since the early days.  Most modern chairs have electric and not mechanical motors.  The technology used on modern chairs is high tech, sophisticated, and efficient.

Advanced Massage Chairs

Modern massage chairs are sophisticated and rely on more than vibration to deliver results.  They use a complex combination of technology and deliver better results than simpler chairs.  This technology may involve use of air/pneumatic systems, rollers, heating systems, water and hydraulic systems and a variety of manipulative massage techniques.

Rollers are used to massage wide body parts such as back and shoulders.  They are operated by electric motors and roll from one part to another.  Rollers are an essential feature of the modern massage chair.

However, rollers also do massage the whole body as well from the neck all the way down to the feet.  High end chairs have rollers that work so much like human hands such that you will feel like fingers are moving on your back.  The work that the rollers do, the intensity and the region you are massaged often depends on the chair type and the massage options you have available.

Massaging Smaller Body Areas

Water and air systems on massage chairs come with pumps and use compression to massage the body.  The pump fills up and drains or inflates and deflates alternately.  The result of this is a compression and stretching effect which relaxes the affected areas.

The above described are integral processes in a massage chair.  The chair is so designed that the processes work simultaneously.  A number of well known massage techniques are used to aid the functioning of the chair, so as to give you a massage as close to the one you get from a human as possible.

Most chairs available today come with pre-set massages in their memory.  These chairs have computerized operating systems that are involved in the delivery of the massages in pre-determined fashions.  As would be expected, the more higher end your chair, the better it will function to deliver the results you want.


There are many massage chairs in the market which largely use the same techniques to deliver a massage.  Picking the right one for you may end up being determined by your budget and by deciding the features in a chair that are important to you.  It may take some researching, but eventually you will get a massage chair that is suitable for you.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have been around since the 1930’s.  These chairs have greatly improved since then, and modern ones are highly sophisticated.  They are constructed using high tech technology such that they provide a massage as close as possible to the one you would get from a trained massage therapist.

If, for instance you get a motorized massage chair, it can perform most of the basic strokes a trained massage therapist performs.  Getting a chair in your house for a regular massage can be necessary especially if you live with chronic pain.  Did you know that The America Society of Physicians and The American Pain Society recommend a massage for alleviation of chronic pain?

A massage helps as well to relive tension, soothe hurting muscles and relax the body.  There are other numerous benefits of getting a massage.  These include relieving mild depression, helping digestion, improving immunity, stimulating circulation and relieving headaches.

You may want to benefit from the advantages of getting a massage and are considering getting a chair.  What are the benefits of getting a massage chair?  Here is our list of 5 benefits of having a massage chair.

  1. You save time and money. Having a massage chair in your home is very convenient.  You can get a massage any time it is convenient for you.  This is as opposed to if you have to visit the Spa, because you can only see your massage therapist at specific times.

With a chair you will be able to nourish your body as much as you want. It does not cost you anything to get a massage in your house, and this includes time.  If visiting the spa for a massage ever so often is not possible for you, then getting a chair is your only option.

You save money because the cost of your chair is probably the same as the amount you spend on weekly massages at the spa for a year.  All the rest of the years that you will have your chair will be like getting free massages.  Do note that other family members can get massages as well, when you have a chair.


This more than makes the case for convenience and affordability being major benefits of having a massage chair.


  1. Modern massage chairs are made with state of the art technology that mimics a massage expert’s hands. Modern chairs are made with such expertise that you can get from a chair well over 75% what you get from a human massager.  Some chairs are made with sophisticated 3D rollers that move in different directions and target specific muscle groups and soft tissue.  You end up getting a very real simulation of a massage you would receive from a massage therapist.

Many good quality chairs have numerous desirable features like the ability to control the force of the rollers.  This is an important quality because you eventually get used to your chair and you need to adjust some features for a different feel.  Also, there are days when you will desire more pressure on some muscles and you can adjust your chair to provide this.


Other chairs include such modalities as reflexology, physiotherapy and chiropractic all added into one chair.  Some massage chairs have advanced construction such that they can simulate different massage styles such as Swiss and shiatsu.  With a modern massage chair, you most likely will not need to see a therapist any more.


  1. You get the health and wellness benefits of regular massages. Other than pain and tension relief, there are other health and wellness benefits of getting a regular massage that you will reap once you get a chair.  Stress relief is one major benefit of a massage.  High stress levels act as a stressor on the immune system which results in all manner of illnesses.


A good massage will release endorphins, the feel good hormone, which counters the stress hormone.  With lower stress levels, the immune system is not taxed, but instead is boosted.  The lower stress levels allow your body to heal and rejuvenate itself, which is desirable for good health.


Getting a regular massage has been shown to reduce the incidence of colds and flu.  This is evidence that a massage is obviously very good for your body.  The benefit of having a chair is that you can get regular massages because you do it at your convenience.  This will definitely result in improved health.


  1. Relieves lumbar pain by improving circulation. Lower back pain is a common cause of discomfort in the body.  A good massage chair will help alleviate this pain in the lower back.


A good quality chair has heat.  When you begin your massage, this heat warms the muscles in the lumbar region resulting in improved circulation of blood.  Improved blood circulation results in better nutrient delivery to the cells and removal of cellular waste products.

With better nourished and thus healthier cells, pain is alleviated in joints, lower back and other parts of the body.  Poor lymphatic fluid and blood circulation is a leading cause of muscle spasms and pain in the lumbar region.  Regular use of your massage chair to improve fluid movement in your body will rid you off this pain.

  1. It promotes the wellness of your spine and neck. A massage really does relax you after a difficult, tiring day at work.  The benefit of a massage chair here is that you can get regular massages after work.  A reclining chair will ease pressure on your back by supporting you in a horizontal position.

Modern chairs have a technology developed by NASA which holds the body in a gravity neutral position.  This technology is referred to as zero gravity.  It places your body in a horizontal position of weightlessness.  This position of weightlessness decompresses your spine and neck and releases muscle tension.

Your body relaxes deeply in this position of weightlessness.  You also get more relaxation from the massage you get from the chairs rollers as you recline.

Hope you have found the benefits of having a massage chair from our points above.  It will be a great boost to your health to get a regular massage.  Get a chair if time and financial constraints prevent you from visiting the Spa at least weekly.  The benefits of having one far outweigh the initial financial investment you make.

Massage Chair Buying Guide

Massage chairs offer numerous benefits.  You save on massage costs and have the convenience of getting a massage any time you want.  You will find it particularly important to buy a chair if you regularly visit a massage therapist.

Each visit probably sets you back $50 to upwards of $120 an hour.  You probably have to visit the therapist several times in a week for the sessions to be effective.  When you do the math, you realize that what you spend on massages just by yourself in a given year is enough to get you a good chair.  The rest of the years you will use the chair will just be like getting free massages.

This is not to mention you will no longer be spending any gas driving to and from the massage parlor.  Other members of the family will also be able to use the massage chair.  All this really makes a case for buying a massage chair for those who are into getting massages regularly.

The best massage chair for you will be determined by a number of factors.  Here we outline a few factors to check out as you go to purchase your massage chair.

  • Massage function. Cheaper massage chairs offer very few massaging options.  At times all they offer is simple rolling and vibration massage.  More expensive chairs offer numerous features and have preset programs that you can run.  Think about what you want from a massage chair and determine what budget is realistic for you to be able to select the best one for you.
  • Different massage chairs come with varying styles and positions to massage. As well as the back, a chair should also offer leg and foot massage.  Some massage chairs have arm massages also. Rollers throughout the chair, massage heads, or air bags are the massagers.  Some high end chairs have thumb-like massage heads to help make a session on the chair feel as much as is possible like a trip to the masseuse.
  • Consider the range of rollers your chair comes with. Some chairs offer customizations on width as well as height of the rollers.
  • Massage airbags offer awesome relief from stiffness and tension. Inflated airbags compress your muscles, stimulating blood flow.  If you are considering getting a chair and would like to be receiving the most advanced full body massage, get one that offers both rolling and airbag massage together.
  • Heated massage is for the more advanced chairs. The chair can have seated as well as back heating.  Infra red heating improves muscle relaxation thereby improving the massage.
  • Most of the more expensive massage chairs have a number of recline options. These include zero gravity which is a gravity neutral position.  It is beneficial for your heart rate, circulation and tension.  Adding a recline to your massage improves the experience and boosts the benefits of the message.
  • The strength of your massage is one of the most important aspects of a chair. A chair with a higher number of motors indicates more power.  You eventually get used to your chair, so the more options available on your chair for strength, the more beneficial your chair is in the long run.  Some chairs offer removable padding, which allows you some customization in the strength of your chair.
  • Most massage chairs have timed massage programs that target certain parts of your body. More advanced chairs have body mapping technology, which test the reactions of various parts of your body and then makes a specific massage for each area.
  • Many technologically advanced and high end chairs are made with synthetic fabrics, though pure leather would be the material of choice. The reason why these more expensive chairs are made of synthetic materials is because the chairs are expected to withstand heat and a lot of use.  The synthetic materials handle this well.
  • As you go out there to purchase your chair, look closely at warranties. Give consideration to manufacturers with good warranties.  A good warranty speaks volumes of a manufacturer’s confidence.  You may also need to use the warranty.