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Best Massage Cushions-Review And Comparisons 2018

If you are looking for the Best Massage cushions then you are in the right place. We have reviewed the Best massage chairs and we are all about making  your you get the best out of home luxury. There are a couple of massage cushions manufacturers in the market today. Here are the top Massage cushions to buy for your home or office today.

Top 8 Massage Cushions To Buy

  • Zyllion ZMA14 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion

This is a revolutionary product in the massage industry which gives you the pleasure of experiencing massage relief at home or in the office. The sleek design offers premium shiatsu massage therapy to relieve aching muscles and improve blood circulation.

With the massage chair, you can customize your massage experience with 2 different  sets of Shiatsu massagers. One for your neck and the other one for your back. The back massage has two different settings. You can choose rotating Shiatsu massage or relaxing rolling massage.

The relaxation can be taken a step further by adjusting the back notes to target your upper back and lower back. You can also adjust the direction and height of the nodes in the neck feature to help you relieve muscle tension when you need it the most.

You can elevate your massage experience by turning on the heat feature. There are 3 levels of vibration intensity on the massage seat cushion to give you the complete massage experience. The Zyllion massage cushion is covered under a 1 year warranty and 90-day guarantee so that you don’t get worried if the product disappoints. This is one of the best massage cushions and there are literally no customers who return the product because it did not meet their set of requirements.

  • Five Star FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

The multipurpose functionality of this product is what makes it one the best massage cushion seats in the market today. It comes with vibrating style motors which is rare in massage seats cushions. It should be noted that the five star is not deep tissue massager but those guys who want a portable seat cushion that provides comfort and relaxation.

One of the outstanding feature of the five star is that it comes with both a wall and car adapter. You can use it while driving or even with your office seat.

If you are travelling long distances then this the best massage cushion you should be looking for. Five Star Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion comes with 4 different level of settings for the 4 different massage zones of the body. These zones are; thigh, shoulder/upper back, lower back and the lumber. To get the best out of it, you did to find a pattern that is in synch with your body. There is also the option of setting the massage cushion to emphasis on a particular zone or it can as well go through the 4 cycles for a more comprehensive massage session.

Just like the Zyllion cushion, the 5 star also has 3 distinct level of vibration intensity. You have to reset the speed every time you turn it on and the default speed is set at medium. The heater can be used as a standalone product. Winters can get crazy and there are situations where you just want to heat your seats without necessarily having a massage. The five star is unique as it gives you the option of only using the heater.

The five star has safety precautions that are rare in seat cushions. It automatically turns off after 30 minutes to prevent overheating. The 10 power adjustable motors are remote controlled.

The product has received stellar reviews on most shopping sites which makes it one of the best massage cushions. It is not too loud and you can watch TV comfortably without being distracted by the noise.

  • Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager

This product comes highly recommended with over 6k reviews and is one of the best massage cushions and best seller on Amazon. The pillow is of high quality and its entry level price makes it a sweet bargain.

People are always sceptical about the price Vs quality and we can assure you this is the best massage pillow you will get below the $60 mark.

The pillow comes with a powerful motor drives with 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes. The In-nodes have a heating function which helps in massaging tense body muscles for soothing relaxation.

For safety, there is a 20-minutes auto shut off so that you never have to worry about overheating or short circuiting issues. You can immediately turn it on and it will continue from where it left.

The pillow also has an adjustable strap so that you can secure it to your favourite chair or even your bed. The Shiatsu pillow massage is what you need if you are looking for relieving experience on your back, neck, lower body and even shoulders. What’s even better is the pillow is very portable and you can carry it with you wherever you go. It is also ideal for long travels. Jet lags is a thing of the past if you know to properly utilize the Zyllion shiatsu massage pillow.

A good 20 minute massage with the pillow is almost equivalent and exhilarating as when you leave a high end Thai spa. You feel more relaxed and you can last a whole 6 days with less tense muscles and a more coordinated body.

You can always turn off the heat function when the massager is doing its thing but I would recommend you leave it on as the experience is not the same. While there might be complaints from customers, most of them are very satisfied. The Shiatsu pillow massager is one of the bargains of your life you will never regret. It is one of the best massage cushions and you get to stay with the bad boy for the rest of your life or at least for the rest of its life span.

  • Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion

This another good compact massage pillow if you are looking for something that is portable and can fit in back pack. There are not a lot of options when it comes to color as it is only available in light coffee.

It is 3 lbs heavy and the dimensions are 1-x 3×6. There is a built-in stripe to make it easy to install in a car seat. The is also a transformer so that you can power it up with your cigarette lighter if you are using it in your car.

Just like most cushion massagers, this one too comes with 4 kneading massager heads for deep tissue massage. The rollers are very solid and can accommodate your weight and still not slow down.

The massage pillow can be used on legs, abdomen, back, shoulders and neck.

  • The Sharper Image MSI-CS775H Air and Shiatsu Massage Cushion

People always tend to think that going for the massage cushion or pillow is 2nd grade massage experience. The sharper Image massager will alter you perception. You will be surprised by the relief and comfort the massage cushion provides.

The cushions stay in place steadily even though the straps can sometimes be short. This is an air massage which means it cushions in compressing air in applying pressure on the massage areas.

It can fit just about anywhere as it has Velcro-fastened straps which firmly hold the massager to the chair.

Key features Include:

  • Air compression around the side lumbar area
  • Varying intensity (low, medium or high) for the air compression
  • 2 Shiatsu massage “hands” on either side of the spine
  • Deep “kneading” Shiatsu massage
  • Shiatsu area has heated balls to relax the massaged area
  • 3 areas for Shiatsu massage: lower back, upper back & full back

Included is a remote controller to control the intensity of the massage depending on the part of the body. For safety purposes, the massage cushion shuts off after 15 minutes which could be seen as a disappointment to many as standard time for most massagers is 20 minutes.

The Sharper Image is surprisingly strong and the knots are worked out on your back. The massager is very easy to connect to a chair and is a perfect holiday gift if you have run out of ideas. It is  recommended that you cool off during cycles to prevent overheating.

  • HoMedics MCS-750H Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Contrary to the name, this massage cushion was developed for luxury purposes. HoMedics have been around since 1987 and are synonymous with home massage products.

The HoMedics massage cushion comes with 4 balls instead of the regular 2 which is found in most cushion massagers. It rolls, kneads and heats and features the Perfect Fit technology which enables you to adjust the height that is right for your back.

What makes the HoMedics one of the best massage cushions is the ability to set the massage to concentrate on a fixed position. You might be having pain in a particular spot on your back which just won’t go away. This is the right machine for you as  it included massage pressure points on both sides of the spine.

The product should not be used as a substitute if you have medical condition. You should seek medical attention. The massage cushion could also be customized to target the whole of your back.

The massage cushion has been designed with the sole purpose of increase muscle flexibility by reducing tension. It uses the percussive technique which aids in blood circulation by getting rid of stiffness.

Percussion technique is better because it is way faster than kneading motion. It penetrates stubborn pains, loosen muscles and improves circulation.

For a better relaxed massage, it is recommended you  turn on the heat for a more relieving experience.

  • Dr Scholl’s Soothing 5 Motor Full Cushion Massager

Dr Scholl’s makes it in the list of the best massage cushions you can buy. This massage cushion comes highly recommended if you are looking for something bigger, inexpensive and does a good job in relieving the back pains.

It has 5 motors which are positioned evenly throughout the cushion for optimum performance. There 3 individual levels of massage intensity that you can select from.

The massage cushion comes with hand held device to control the heating. The heated area size (6×5) limits the area on the cushion available for heating. The experience is definitely class competitive but not class leading. If you are looking for holistic experience then this may not be the best choice for a massage cushion. You get soothing vibration throughout the body and price makes it a good bargain if you are not an enthusiast.

  • i-need Massaging Seat Topper

This might not be popular but is one of the best massage cushions. This massage cushion delivers impactful massaging action because of the active rotating nodes.

This massage cushion restores blood flow and energy with its deep-kneading shiatsu massage. It uses the traditional art of healing which is all about relieving pressure and stiffness in key body joints.

It comes with a remote control which can be used to adjust the 3 massage zones that come with the massage cushion. In addition to that, It also has 3 massage programs which enhances the massage experience.

For safety reasons, the product is designed to shut off after 20 minutes so that it does not overheat. The massage cushion is also portable and you can use it in your car and even carry it to your  office.

Some reviewers have complained that it delivers a painful massage but a good number have had a positive experience with the massage cushion.


The best massage cushions should deliver in relieving pain and enhancing relaxation. They should also be portable so that  you can move with it everywhere. While a massage cushion might not offer the same experience as the best massage chair, you can still experience the same feeling but in smaller bits.

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