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BHealth Premium Massage Chair review

The BHealth premium massage chair may be on the higher side when it comes to pricing but it is one of the best given the luxury it accords.
The chair delivers a proper Shiatsu massage. It comes standard with 6 massage functions and close to humanized hand mechanised massage. The six functions are; vibrating, knocking, flapping, kneading and flapping and rolling(back stretch).

One unique feature of the chair is the ability of the arm rest to move all the way back when the seat is reclined. This helps in keeping the massagers close to your arms so that you don’t have to worry about sliding them towards you when it is on recline mode. This leads to a more fulfilling arm massage at whatever angle you chose.

Another amazing feature of the BHealth premium massage is the Jade heat massager. This is made possible by the INFRARED heat which has 5 high quality Helium-Neon Bulbs. The temperatures settings are adjustable between 104°F to 158°F to provide the best heat therapy you will ever get in a massage chair.

The BHealth has unique movable massage with an increased surface area with an extra removable pad. The warranty on this piece of magic is insane. They offer 10 years extended warranty on frames and body and 5 years on the electrical functionality. You can be well assured that you are covered for a very long time.

Another great feature of the BHealth massager is that it comes with dolphin hand held massager whose value is around $50.

The improved positioning system means that you can use the massage chair in multiple positions to enhance relaxation.

The recliner, foot-rest and calf-rest are all power-assisted and the positions can all be adjusted by the single touch of a button.

The chair has a unique safety feature which is designed to prevent crushing. It will stop automatically when the calf rest is moving down and detects there is something beneath. You don’t have to worry about your toddler or pet being crashed under such massive weight.

The noise levels of the Bhealth premium massage chair is just excellent. You could be watching your favorite television series without even noticing the noise coming from the massage chair.

It weighs around 360 lbs and you don’t have to worry about moving it around in the house as it comes with adjustable wheels at the bottom back of the chair.


The biggest disadvantage has to be the price tag which a lot of people might not be comfortable with. There are cheaper alternatives in the market but the massage experience will never be the same.


The massage chair doesn’t come cheap. You have to be willing to part with around $2000. The premium features may justify the price tag especially the jade heat massager. There are couple of massage chairs in the market with the same price tag which might offer better experience. The Bhealth massage has received a couple of stellar reviews and we highly recommend it if you have the budget.

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