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OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair Review

Thinking of buying a massage chair?  Some people develop cold feet whenever they have to shop online.  Such people still prefer the brick and mortar store where they can try out the product before you take it home.

We decided to do a review of one of the best massage chairs you will find anywhere.  We want to take the guess work out of getting a good massage chair so that you can confidently go online and order one.  We understand that a massage chair can be a little pricey for you to hazard guesses on which is the ideal one, or to be afflicted by information overload.

Here is the review of the OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair – Cream Color Upholstery.


The Osaki 4000 chair is made with state of the art technology and uses very effective massagers.  Your body snuggles in the chair as it utilizes forty-one air bags.  You fit in as your hand does in a glove resulting in you getting a perfect massage.

The chair has movable intelligent massage robots, an S-track set of them.   These massagers have special focus on the lumbar region, shoulders and neck and follow the curve of your body.  The chair mimics the human thumbs by using twin rollers, improving your massage experience.

Here are the main features of this elegant chair.

Product Features

  • It has deluxe zero gravity positioning which was inspired by NASA.
  • It has heat therapy that feels great and provides lower back therapy.
  • It provides hands, arm, neck, foot, calf, and hips massages. It provides arm and shoulder airbag massages.  It also features hips and lumbar squeeze.
  • It has seat vibration massage.
  • It gives a nice hard massage, you determine how hard you want it.
  • It has a large LCD display and a wireless remote control to use when main control is not easily reachable.
  • It has an auto-timer which can be set between 5 to 30 minutes per massage.
  • It has a three year warranty that fully covers parts and labor.
  • Upholstery material is faux leather for increased durability and more comfort.
  • It provides 5 massage types, kneading, shiatsu, tapping, rolling and Swedish.
  • It has six unique pre-set, but customizable programs.
  • It has a solid design and components that fit perfectly as it is sold disassembled.

Pro’s of the OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair – Cream Color Upholstery.

The Osaki 4000 chair is easy to assemble, even though it is quite heavy.  Its weight is as a result of it being solid.  It provides an excellent all body massage and its heaters work as advertised.  If you consider its features, this chair comes at a bargain price.

This is just the ideal chair for you to purchase if you want to save on cash spent making trips to go for a massage.  The chair does not disappoint in any way.  You will forget the massage parlor. Over 65% of online reviewers give the Osaki 4000 chair a 5-stars review.

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